On NL Budget Day there was no money allocated for Moose Fencing. Of course this upset members of SOPAC (Save Our People Action Committee)

Moose Fencing being a priority with SOPAC and the only solution to decrease Moose Vehicle Collisions, this was a hard blow.

A huge deficit was announced and many issues were sadly not addressed.
SOPAC continues to urge Government for safety measures for Moose Vehicle Collisions.

On April 06th, 2015, SOPAC was invited to a press release with Minister David Brazil and Minister Dan Crummell.

On this day they announced their Five Year Moose Management Plan. Also on this day the two Ministers announced that they would be working with SOPAC on Moose Issues.

Since that day we (SOPAC) have had several meetings with Minister Brazil and Minister Crummell.

They are listening to what we have to say and are beginning to implement some of our ideas.

They are telling us that Moose Fencing is NOT off the table, but that they are continuing to look into it, and are still monitoring the fencing on the west coast.

In the years since SOPAC was formed……government is finally listening. We are grateful for this.